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The purpose of this project was to create a visual set of interviews with scholars in the field of adult and continuing education.  In each case, I asked the scholars to describe how they got into the field of adult and continuing education (often difficult information to find in the literature), and then to reflect on their contributions and their life work.  It has been especially interesting to hear their thoughts, ideas, and experiences from their points of view and life wisdom.  Finally, I asked them to say something about the future.

In these interviews, scholars share biographical stories, theory and practice related to adult education and adult learning.  By viewing them, we can become better acquainted with the noted people in the field; through technology their words and ideas come alive.   As the series has progressed and I have interviewed a great number of people, I have become increasingly intrigued with their life stories, how their early life experiences, mentors and other experiences have strongly influenced their later life work. The idea of continuing to interview, edit, and produce Conversations on Lifelong Learning programs is exciting.

-Gretchen T. Bersch

Conversations on Lifelong Learning is a fascinating journey with past and present leaders in the field of Adult and Continuing Education. Through these in-depth conversations, renowned adult educators share thoughts about their early professional lives, philosophies and theories, life work and views of the future.  Each program in the Conversations on Lifelong Learning series features one distinguished leader.  These reflective interviews provide a special insight into the ideas and works of these scholars and practitioners.

Produced & Directed
Gretchen T. Bersch, Ph.D., Adult Education

Professor Emerita, University of Alaska Anchorage

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